MAIRDI MRD-510S Price €35+VAT


  1. Description:
    Anti-static shock speaker ensures protection of hearing health 
    Click-stop headband for superior comfort  
    Durable microphone boom with excellent flexibility 
    Newly designed T-Pad for convenient wearing

    Accessories Options: 
    *Foam or protein leatherette ear cushion 
    *Multiple connecter choices: RJ9 plug, 2.5mm, 3.5mm stereo plug, USB2.0 plug
    *M-volume controller (with Mic Mute) is optional
    *Two kinds of standard QD plugs: G-QD or P-QD 

    Structure Features:
    *Light weight design
    *Superb receiver audio quality 
    *Excellent noise cancellation 
    *Anti acoustic shock circuit
    *330°rotatable microphone arm 
    *180°rotatable joint of speaker and headband
    *60mm adjustable pliable steel headband
    *Quick disconnect for leaving desk without taking headset off

* CE â??FCC Certified

* 1-Year Warranty