1. Professional unified communication headset


    Microsoft® Lync compatible headset

  3. Description:
    Professional unified communication headset?specially designed for UC platforms
    Plug and play, connecting with PC and compatible with Mac/Windows systems
    Compatible with Microsoft® Lync 2010 and Microsoft® Office Communicator
    Best choice for both VoIP communication and music listening
    With digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology, digitally optimizes your voice and music and suppresses echoes
    Light weight design for maximum all-day long comfort 
  4. Accessories Options: 


    Headset Set Up?
    Connect the USB adaptor into any USB port on the computer.
    This headset is plug and play, does not require software installation.
  1. Structure Features:



    ?  In-line microphone mute: press the mute button to activate mute , press again to de-activate mute.

    ?  Microphone mute LED indicator(red)

    ?  In-line speaker volume controller:press â??+â? to increase speaker volume, pressâ??-â? to decrease speaker volume

    ?  In-line hook for answer/end call:press the button to answer the call , press again to end the call

    ?  Hook LED indicator( green)




    *The in-line hook  is sepecially designed for  Microsoft Lync, it may not be available for other systems.

    *You are required to install"Skypeheadset"on your PC if you want to use HOOK function on Skype.

    * Pls contact with your supplier to get the"Skypeheadset" installation file.

*CE, FCC certificated. 
*1-Year Warranty.